Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Sento Society

Members Wanted

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Sento Society (東京外国語大学銭湯同好会, Tokyo Gaikokugo Daigaku Sento Dokokai) is pleased to welcome you as a member!

We are lovers of sento, or Japanese public bath and enjoy visiting sento together.

Our meeting is held on every Thursday, 11:40-12:40. at room 220 in the main lecture building. At the meeting, we talk about which sento we will visit next time or what we can do to promote sento.

Our main activities are to visit sento, but we will also have an exhibition to introduce sento at Gaigosai (School Festival).

If you are interested in Japanese culture, we recommend you to enjoy sento, which reflects the Japanese way of life.


Q.I am not a student at TUFS.

Every student can participate in our activities, whichever school you go. We have members from other universities than TUFS.

Q.When and where is the meeting held?

The meeting is held on Thursdays, 11;40-12;40, at room 220 in the research-lecture building inside TUFS.

Q.How much is the membership fee?

500 yen per month. The budget will be used for the exhibition at Gaigosai and other events.

Q.I am busy, so I am afraid that I cannot attend the meeting every time.

No problem. We will share on LINE what we have discussed in each meeting, so you can check it if you fail to attend the meeting. If you are not a student at TUFS, you do not have to attend the meeting.

Q.I want to check the annual plan.

Click here.

Q.I want to join the activities or to make an inquiry.

Contact us on e-mail: tufsen460[at]
(English Available)

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